Flat Roofing

At Apex Fibreglass Roofing, we have been in the fibreglass game, even longer than we have been in the roofing game. Decades of experience in these fields, has seen us grow into the experts in flat fibreglass roofing, as well as the number one choice for those looking for flat roofing materials. Working with the British Public and tradesmen alike, we understand a lot of the apprehensions and anxieties that people have around flat roofs, with flat roofing systems of old suffering from a number of issues, and quite a lot of bad press, which is not all deserved.

Flat Roofs are some of the most economical choices of roof, which when applied properly - offer a perfect solution for everything from outbuildings to small extensions and larger roofing areas across commercial properties.

That’s why at Apex, we source, stock and supply a fantastic range of flat roofing materials - all made from fibreglass. Used to great effect in boats and as a waterproofing material - fibreglass for us, is the obvious choice for all flat roofs. These ready to buy, and easy to install kits tick all of the boxes for our customers - they are easy to handle, easy to install, cost effective, provide waterproofing for decades and are available lat an excellent price point.

One of the biggest advantages of our flat roofing products, is that they are completely jointless - eliminating the risks associated with older, felt roofs.

You can view the full range of products below, and please do just get in touch if you have any questions - we are always happy to help.

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