Heavy Duty 600grm Winter Fibreglass Roofing Kit ( Foot traffic) 20% Off

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Included in a 5m² Roofing Kit is:
10kg Resin
5kg Topcoat
6m Fibreglass Matting
300g Hardener
Mixing chart Via Email

1 x Roll Of 75mm Tape
Included in a 5m² Tool Kit is: (if required)
50 Pairs of Gloves
2x 7" Resin Rollers
1x 7" Topcoat Rollers
1x 7" Frame
1 Medium Consolidation Roller
1x 75 mm Brushes
2x 5.6L Bucket
1 Graduated Clear Bucket
1 Pack Of 3 Mixing Sticks
2.5L Acetone
1 Telescopic Extension Handle

By far our most popular product, the Heavy Duty Fibreglass Roofing Kits are the best of the best. 

This kit is used for  Roofs that require foot traffic or maintenance or  Balcony's that are being covered with tiles or decking.

The fibreglass matting used is 600g ensuring long lasting protection against all weather conditions, foot traffic and structural movement.

Using a 600g matting gives you the confidence that your roof will last  50+ years with absolutely no maintenance.

  • This Roof Kit can be applied as low as 5 Degrees Celsius.
  • Full instructions will be provided for Winter use.
  • Coupled with one of our fibreglass roofing tool kits, you'll have everything you need to install a new fibreglass roof easily and efficiently.
  • Please note: Larger Kits Are Available upon request
  • Our Tool Kits Have enough 75mm Tape included in each kit to complete a roof so you do not have to buy anything other than the Trims.

All Kits come with a standard Mid or Dark Grey Topcoat ,Please select with Tick Box 

However there are now other colors available Add them in the Add a Co-loured Topcoat Section.

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