450grm Winter Fibreglass Roofing Kits (no foot traffic) 20% Off

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Included in a 5m² Roofing Kit is:
7KG Resin
5KG Topcoat
7m Fibreglass Matting 450g
250g Hardener
Mixing chart
1 Roll of 50mm Tape
Included in a 5m² Tool Kit is: (if required)
1x Medium Consolidation Roller
1x Medium Roller Handle
2x Medium Resin Roller Refills
1x Medium Topcoat Roller Refills
1x Medium 75mm Resin/Topcoat Brushes
1 Graduated Clear Bucket
2x 5Ltr Buckets
3x Plastic Mixing Stick
50 Pairs of Latex Gloves
2.5Ltr Acetone
1 x Telescopic pole

Our 450grm Fibreglass Roofing Kits are a high quality product at an impressively low price.

This Product can be used for Roofs with no Foot traffic or for valleys and gutters or Small roofs .

If you will need to access the roof for cleaning or maintenance please choose the 600grm Fibreglass kit.   

They utilize a 450g fibreglass matting which is an excellent choice for a hassle free instillation and an even more hassle free lifespan. This roof will always stand the test of time, usually for 25+ years.

This Roof Kit can be applied as low as 5  Degrees Centigrade.

Full Instructions will be provided for winter use.

Coupled with one of our fibreglass roofing tool kits, you'll have everything you need to install a new fibreglass roof easily and efficiently.

All Resins are quality  Lloyd's approved and Flexible 

All Kits come with a standard Mid or Dark Grey Topcoat , Please select with Tick Box 

However there are now other colors available Add them in the Add a Co-loured Topcoat Section.