Classic Bond EPDM Garage Roof Kits

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Included in a 3m x 7m Roofing Kit is:
Firestone EPDM 3m x 7m
Permaroof Water Based Adhesive 5L
Permaroof Water Based Adhesive 2.5L
3x Permaroof Upvc Gutter Trim (2.5m)
1x Permaroof Upvc Edge Trim (2.5m)
4x Permaroof Upvc Edge Trim (3.5m)
4x Permaroof External Corner
2x Permaroof External Corner End Cap
4x Permaroof Edge Trim End Cap
2x Permaroof Edge Trim End Cap
10x Permaroof Closed Cell Foam Tape (8m roll)
Polypins (box of 250)
Permaroof Trim Installation Guide
All Trims are available in Black or White, If your flat roof is attached to brickwork, or has a pipe or corner detail you will need to include additional materials, these can all be found within our online shop.

EPDM rubber roofing kits are ideal to treat your garage with. 

This single piece of treated rubber, is cold applied meaning it is safe, easy and environmentally friendly. Being all one unit, it requires extremely low levels of maintenance and can withstand very hot and cold temperatures.