Classic Bond EPDM Flat Roof Kits

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Included in a 3m x 3.5m Roofing Kit is:
Firestone EPDM 3m x 3.5m
3m x 3.5mL
Permaroof Water Based Adhesive 2.5L
Permaroof Bonding Adhesive 0L
2.5x Permaroof Upvc Gutter Trim (2.5m)
2x Permaroof Upvc Edge Trim (2.5m)
3x Permaroof Upvc Edge Trim (3.5m)
0x Permaroof External Corner
4x Permaroof External Corner End Cap
2x Permaroof Edge Trim End Cap
6x Permaroof Joint Clip
0x Permaroof Closed Cell Foam Tape (8m roll)
Polypins (box of 250)
Permaroof Trim Installation Guide
All Trims are available in Black or White, If your flat roof is attached to brickwork, or has a pipe or corner detail you will need to Include additional materials, these can all be found within our online shop.


Colour: Lead / Slate Grey 

Used For: EPDM rubber roof for garage, extension, or porch where the roof is joined to a wall 

Included in Kit:

  • -1.2mm thick ClassicBond EPDM Membrane (Size as per roof kit chosen) 
  • -Water Based Adhesive  to adhere membrane to roof deck
  • -Contact adhesive to adhere perimeter of roof deck to Membrane
  • -Sure EdgeGutter for front edge
  • -Sure Edge Kerb for both side edges
  • -Sure Edge Corner for both front corners
  • -Wall trim to act as flashing against your house wall
  • -External corner atches & primer for both back corners where roof meets house wall
  • -Tools requires for DIY Installation(Rollers, Scissors & Paint Brush)
  • -All Pins and Clips to go with Trims
  • -Installation Guide

EDPM flat roofing materials from Apex Fibreglass Roofing Supplies are specially designed to help you repair your flat roof in an easy, hassle-free way. Our flat roofing systems have been specially developed for flat sheds, extensions and garages to provide you with long lasting, year round protection from even the harshest weather conditions.

Our flat roofing systems include everything you need to install them quickly and easily, with minimal maintenance required. All our flat roofing systems are able to withstand dramatic fluctuations in temperature and maintain their integrity reliably with ease. As our EPDM flat roofing materials come in a one-piece design, you can rest assured your flat roof will be free of leaks, giving your garage, extension or shed the protection it needs.

We can cut your flat roofing materials up to 12.2m x 30.5m in one single-ply membrane and put together custom sized orders to fit your specifications to ensure all your needs are met. We supply high quality flat roofing materials to both homeowners looking to repair their own flat roofs and professional roofers who regularly rely on our products. At Apex, you can rest assured that our flat roofing systems will provide you with great products at affordable prices.

Our EPDM flat roofing materials have been developed over the 25 years we’ve been in the industry and will meet any need you have. If you have any questions or are looking for fibreglass flat roof materials, don’t hesitate to ring 0800 612 7903 today.