Flat Roof Always Leaking: Common Flat Roof Issues

Domestic and Commercial Flats Roofs cause more issues than any other type of roof combined. Historically, flat roofs require more maintenance than pitched roofs - and for many of our customers, flat roofs cause endless difficulties.

The easiest route to overcome issues with Flat Roofs is to replace the entire roof with a Fibreglass Roofing System - which provides watertight (think of boats) seamless and easy to fit solution, which also doesn't cost the earth.

Before we go into too much detail about Fibreglass Roofing, we look at some of the most common issues with Flat Roofs and what causes them.

Cracking & Bubbling

This is one of the most common issues with flat, felt roofing.

The felt cracks, bubbles and splits along the entire roof - a clear sign that the felt is at the end of it’s lifespan and can no longer protect your home from the elements. The cause for this crackling, is the felt no longer being able to move and flex - This is caused by a combination of freezing weather, rain, ice and sun. If the above symptoms sound familiar, it’s likely that you will need your roof replacing, before it begins to leak.

Sub-Standard Seams, Joints & Flashing

The joints and seams in any felt roof are potential weak points for water ingress. Regular contraction and expansion within the joints and seams can pull flashing away from the edge of your roof - leading to obvious difficulties. Although regular maintenance and correct installation can offset some of the risks here, they remain common problems with a flat roof.

Sitting Water

In theory, sitting water should not become a problem on your flat roof - however, all too often it does! Poor installation first time around, or age affecting the structure of the roof can cause it the roof to lost it’s ‘slant’ This can cause water to pool in certain areas, causing damage to the areas in which the water is sat. Water sat for long periods of time can drain down into the lower levels of the felt roof, and into your home.

Wear & Tear

Flat Roofs are often are designed to withstand foot traffic, this foot traffic can wear and scrub away the materials of your roof over time. Damaging the layers of your roof, this can be a surefire way of suffering water ingress.

Flat Roof Fibreglass Solutions

As technology provides massive improvements over previous materials in almost all areas, flat roofing is no different. Today, the industry has been revolutionised by the introduction of Fibreglass Roofing Systems - which outperform traditional flat roofing materials at every turn.

If you have any questions about updating your flat roof with a fibreglass roof kit - then please do browse our site for the full range of products, and get in touch if you have any questions.

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