West 105 Multi Purpose Resin

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These resins are much stronger than polyesters. High performance fabrics such as carbon fibre and kevlar are used to give excellent strength to weight structures.

Epoxy resin is much harder, chemical resistant and adheres better than polyester resins.

West Multi Purpose Resin is a clear, light-amber, low viscosity epoxy. When mixed with the hardener it is formulated to wet out wood, fibreglass and a variety of metals.

It can be cured in a wide temperature range to form a high strength solid with excellent moisture resistance.

A superb adhesive, 105 Resin will fill gaps and bridge voids when modified with fillers and can be sanded and shaped afterwards. With roller applications, it possesses excellent wet film characteristics by flowing out and self levelling. The epoxy mix cures to a clear finish. Supplied in packs containing a choice of hardener.

West Epoxy Junior Pack 600gm Only Has Standard Hardener

  •             Fast hardener can be used in conditions from 5c (Pot life @25c 10-15 mins).
  •             Slow hardener can be used in conditions from 15c (Pot life @25c 20-25 mins).