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A high quality, isophthalic, Lloyds Approved Topcoat. Unlike standard gelcoat, Topcoat cures tack free, which allows it to be used like a paint and seal fibreglass surfaces. This Topcoat has excellent properties which include water resistance and UV light stability. This high quality Topcoat is suitable for a wide range of applications and for all GRP surfaces. Pre-pigmented White. Not suitable for spray application. Catalyst is supplied Free with all Topcoats and Resins 


  • High quality, marine grade polyester topcoat
  •  Excellent weather & UV resistance
  •  Lloyd's approved for boat building & repairs
  •  Tough, durable finish
  • Free Catalyst 




( Typical values )


Reactivity at 25°C , 1.8% MEKP (Low activity)


Gel time: 8 – 11 minutes