G180 Drainage Trim

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Used on larger roofs to aid drainage and ensure gapping of underlying timber to facilitate expansion.


Girth 180mm: Flanges 30mm: Depth 15mm: Trough width 80mm. Length: 3 metres

  • Small Trims  65mm Drop -A170 Drip /B230 Raised Edge 
  • Medium Trims Are 90mm Drop -A200 Drip/B260 Raised Edge
  • Large Trims Are Drop140mm  -A250 Drip/ B300 Raised
  • D260 Wall Fillet 
  • C100 Simulated Lead Trim
  • E280 Expansion joint
  • G180 Drainage Trim
  • A195 Internal
  • A195 External

All Trims are 3 Metres Long And Made of 600grm  Fibreglass For Durability .

The drop sizes are from the top of boards Down the Fascia, the up-stands are all 35mm