Rubber Roofing for Conservatories

At Apex Fibreglass Roofing - over the quieter winter months, we have been strengthening and expanding our range of EPDM roofing, also known as rubber roofing across the industry. EPDM provides a great option for both professional roofing companies and DIY roofers alike - and both sets of customers alike, choose our Rubber Roofing kits for re-roofing and adding roofing to conservatories on homes all over the UK.

Rubber Roofing is a great choice for a number of different reasons, all of which are concentrated on roofing performance and longevity. Looking at EPDM roofing in more detail, the roofing material is also often known as rubber roofing, as well as rolled rubber roofing and rubber membrane roofing. One of the most cost effective roofing materials available - rubber roofing also provides a really reliable roofing surface, with few seams causing very few leaks. Rubber Roofing is also very durable - and any leaks which do occur, can be quickly and easily repaired.

Roofing your conservatory also has a number of benefits. Adding a solid roof onto a conservatory makes the space inside much more versatile, allowing the conservatory to feel more like part of the home. As well as looking better than tired glass conservatory roofs, rubber roofs also regulate the temperature within a conservatory space - meaning the conservatory is cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter!

If you have any questions about our rubber roofing kits, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your exact requirements.