Roof Lights for Schools

At Apex Fibreglass Roofing, we stock and supply a fantastic range of roof lights - many of which are sold to schools and contractors working on schools. Essentially windows in the ceiling, these lights have become incredibly important in recent years, with schools, universities and colleges all understanding the massive benefits of allowing as much natural light as possible into the premises. 

As well as reducing bills and emissions, important to every educational organisation - natural light, and in turn - rooflights have been proven to improve pupil health, attitude and academic performance. Schools today are looking towards using rooflights to not only improve their efficiency and reduce their costs, but also improve pupil performance.

As well as being used in classrooms to great effect, roof lights can also be used across a wide range of other areas of a school. We have supplied rooflights for use in staff rooms, high traffic areas such as dinner halls and walkways, as well as in halls and assembly rooms. In almost all cases, the presence of rooflights has massively reduced the requirement for artificial lighting to be used.

As well as providing the very best roof lights for the job, our roof lights are also great value - ensuring that precious school budgets remain protected, whilst still being able to enjoy the benefits that roof lights bring.

You can view our full range of roof lights above, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection.