Fibreglass for Conservatories

Relatively recent changes in planning applications, granted permissions for conservatories to have a solid roof for the first time. Previously, at least 75% of a conservatory roof needed to be translucent for the structure to class as a conservatory.

If you have a conservatory with a translucent roof, then there are massive number of benefits in adding a solid roof. The first benefit, and the biggest benefit for many is heat regulation, with a solid roof - your conservatory is cooler during the hot summer days, as well as warmer on the colder winter days and nights. This is massive bonus for a lot of conservatory users, especially those who use their conservatory as an office.

As with anything home improvements, it’s important that you check out your conservatory structure, ensuring it can support a roof. This leads us nicely onto one of the biggest advantages of using fibreglass for your conservatory - fibreglass roofing is a lightweight material - perfect for using on conservatories.

All of our conservatory roofing kits can be found below, and if you have any questions about the range - please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.