EPDM Roofing for Porches

At Apex Fibreglass Roofing, we are proud to supply both trade and domestic customers with a range of rubber roofing kits - which are used to re-roof and roof new porches on a wide range of homes across the UK. Porches are typically single story structures that can either be open or enclosed - and are located at the front entrance of a building, in both domestic and commercial properties.

The purpose of porches is to add extra space onto a property, and adding a porch onto a property is one of the most cost effective additions which can be made. An added bonus of adding a porch onto your property, is the fact that a porch helps protect and insulate the home - improving energy efficiency by a decent margin.

Our EPDM roofing porch kits provide the perfect roofing solution for porches of all shapes and sizes. Seam free, these roofs provide an incredibly reliable roofing solution, with maximum protection against leaks - combined with an impressive UV and weather resistance sees these EPDM porch roofs enjoy a life expectancy of up to fifty years.

All of our EPDM Porch Roofing kits have been designed to provide maximum value for money, ensuring that our customers are able to carry out their construction and renovations at the very best price point.

If you have any questions about the range, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.