Latest-In-Fire-Retardant-Fibreglass-Roofing-is-Here-at-a-great-price Apex

Latest In Fire Retardant Fibreglass Roofing is Here at a great price

Apex Fibreglass Roofing Supplies Ltd are proud to present after weeks of testing and working with our suppliers, can now offer the Metrodeck Fire Retardant Roofing system at a very competitive Price.

This system has undergone extensive external fire exposure roof tests and achieved 

Using 1 layer of 450grm Matting .

This product can offer the highest Fire rating AA ,Without having to use slate granules over the finished  surface.

You can Find this product in our resins and Topcoat section for now.










fire retardant BS476 Part 3 FAA. The finished low styrene system coloured BS18B25 (Dark Admiralty grey) provides excellent properties.




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