Yuleys Protective Footwear Safety Overshoe

Apex Fibreglass Roofing Supplies are now proud to be be one of the only distributors of The Yuleys Protective Footwear Safety Overshoe.

Please see this New product available on the web site 


YULEYS® offer a variety of unique benefits over traditional disposable shoe covers;

  • allow workers to safely walk across clean floors while contaminants and slippery materials are housed inside the shoe cover, reducing the risks of slipping and falling
  • they offer an environmentally friendly and cost conscious alternative to those currently using plastic disposable shoe covers for each site visit
  • can be easily cleaned with warm water for years of use
  • solves the dilemma of keeping workers safe and environments clean
  • designed specifically for industrial employees, YULEYS® are completely hands-free so you can so you can get your work done easier and more efficiently.
  • made with thermoplastic rubber, YULEYS® are built to last and are more cost-effective than other disposable shoe protectors
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