Dormer Roof Kits

Dormer Windows are the window of choice for homeowners converting a loft, building a new one and a half story home, or renovating a bungalow. Dormer Windows are the ideal way to add both headspace and light into a floor - but need to tread carefully between maximum functionality and design, as a dormer window is one of the biggest design aspects of any property.

Dormer Windows also come in all shapes and sizes - and it’s important to get this sizing just right, as they need to match and complement the existing property. There are also many different types of dormer window to choose from depending upon your exact style and functionality requirements, popular models include gabled, shed, hipped, eyebrow, flat and segmental.

As with many types of roofing, older dormer window roofing materials were prone to leaking - and these windows typically relied on felt and bitumen to provide a water and weather proof roofing material. These older types of roofing materials are notorious for leaks, and the effect of UV, rain, sleet, ice and snow on these roofing materials really does take their toll.

Luckily, we offer a range of fibreglass and EPDM roof kits which have been designed to be used on a wide range of dormer window roofs - these new materials are incredibly tough, and have a projected lifespan on a property of almost fifty years. Easy to install, lightweight and weather resistant - these materials are UV resistant, do not tear or scuff easily - are available in a wide range of colours, and if damage was to occur - are easy to fix.

Our Dormer roof kits are also easy to install, and can be done by those proficient in DIY. You can view the full range of dormer roof kits here, and as always - if you have any questions about the range just get in touch.