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Why Choose Fibreglass?

Fibreglass products are a modern, durable solution for roofing, flat roofing, balconies, ponds and much more for trade and DIY. Fibreglass roofing kits are long lasting, hard wearing and low maintenance.

Popularity has soared over the past few years due to the easy, mess free approach and DIY options. Not only is fibreglass much more environmentally friendly than previous solutions but it is also dry, set and usable within one hour.

Once fitted, no maintenance is required thanks to the seamless seals which ensure no leaks. Fibreglass has a wide variety of colours available allowing the product to either match the previous colour or give it a new lease of life.

Why Choose Apex Fibreglass Roofing Supplies?

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our product knowledge is second to none. We strive to merge great customer service with an even better product.

We supply only the highest quality fibreglass roofing supplies including resins, gels, topcoats, catalysts and a whole range of materials to suit your needs. We also provide a variety of fibreglass roofing kits, pond and balcony kits.

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