Add a Topcoat Color To your Kit

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Included in a 5m² Roofing Kit is:
7KG Resin
5KG Topcoat
7m Fibreglass Matting 450g
250g Hardener
Mixing chart
1 Roll of 50mm Tape
Included in a 5m² Tool Kit is: (if required)
1x Medium Consolidation Roller
1x Medium Roller Handle
2x Medium Resin Roller Refills
1x Medium Topcoat Roller Refills
1x Medium 75mm Resin/Topcoat Brushes
1 Graduated Clear Bucket
2x 5Ltr Buckets
3x Plastic Mixing Stick
50 Pairs of Latex Gloves
2.5Ltr Acetone
1 x Telescopic pole

Choose a colour for your Topcoat ,Standard are Mid grey is a lighter grey .Dark grey is similar to lead 


These are standard ColoursAdmiralty is a dark grey slightly darker than lead .

Superblack / Anthracite are  a stock items ,other  co lours (such as Blues ,Greens ,Reds etc) are not stock items and can upto 3-4 days to mix and deliver .