GRP Kit Calculator

Step 1 - Roof Size

Please enter the actual size of your roof (not including extra for waste).



Step 2 - Edges

Please select what is against each edge of your roof so we can package up the correct trims.

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Your Kit


Choose Your Trims

Wall Edge

This is a wall edge and includes a D260 Tilt Fillet and C100 Wall Flashing

Gutter Drip Edge

This edge has a gutter drop and includes the A200 Drip Trim

Raised Edge

This edge retains the water on the roof and includes the B260 Raised Edge Trim

Slope Onto Edge

Water runs on to this edge off a pitched roof, we include the F300 Flat Flashing Trim

Slope Off Edge

Water runs off this edge onto a pitched roof. We include the F300 Flat Flashing Trim

Parapet Wall Edge

We will include the D260 Tilt Fillet and two lots of EXT/195 Trim to encapsulate this edge

Adjoining Roof Edge

To join to another roof we will include the E280 Mop Stick Roll Trim

Own Trims

I have my own trims and do not require you to include trim in my kit